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Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening

It’s time to start blogging again.

Somewhere in my Biological Marginalia phase, I lost my passion for blogging; the articles became increasingly serious, complicated and difficult to finish, until I just stopped writing entirely. It felt like I was putting on an act of being a Serious Science Blogger, which is ridiculous since I’m not getting paid for this. I started a tumblr of the same name — which I intend to keep using — and I started having fun again, but found myself wanting to write articles that are more in-depth and with a feeling of permanence. So in the quest for balance I probably will continue to cover Serious Science, but I want to wallow in things like speculative biology, animals in culture and my attempt at learning digital art (of animals). I have no idea where this is heading, hopefully this won’t evolve into Time Cube-esque ramblings.

I feel that I should at least share something biological. I saw a dead Basking Shark once, one of the highlights of my life so far. I was particularly struck by how large the eyes and teeth were, compared to what I had imagined before. I should probably discuss this further (when I recover the original photos from a dead hard drive).